Meet Kendra


Salutations! Jesus has directed me to share His gospel, His word, my testimony & experience, so that others may find encouragement & hope in all seasons. I write & share giving all glory to Jesus Christ.

Currently, I live in Ohio with The love of my life, Derek, & our three beautiful G-babies: Geiger, Gatlin, & Gracelin. I have a beautiful child awaiting me in heaven that I will one day embrace through Jesus’ mercy & forgiveness. I love to be at home with my family, homeschooling, cooking, reading, writing, enjoying nature, tending to the garden & farm animals, having family movie nights, sitting by the fire, & just selflessly serving in love. I am thankful for our family, friends, & our immense church family. I strive to live each day as it is my last as our time here is fleeting. My prayer is to leave behind a legacy that I lived intentionally, with purpose, investing my life for eternity. My focus is on Jesus, tuning my ears to the Holy Spirit, renewing my mind, living God’s word, & loving others is my intent as I propel Godward, heaven bound. May I enrich the life of others as I turn each page of the story, that is my life, written by God, my glorious creator. May I be broken bread & poured out wine for His kingdom.