Healing Harbor

Past sin or failure left your heart shipwrecked? I have been there, I had an abortion at 20 years old. There is hope & forgiveness in Jesus Christ. You are loved! If you are considering, or feel pressured into getting, an abortion please read though my testimony, my letter to my baby, & contact me via email for prayer & support.

  • Healing Harbor

    Surrendering Mother’s Day

    Mother’s Day is a day to be celebrated, praised for your hard work & daily efforts of raising children. There is joy to be found in the attention, gifts, hand made cards, extra hugs & breakfast in bed. But how do we face the day when there is angst in our heart? “Her children arise and call her blessed.” Proverbs 31:28 There are many reasons a mother may struggle on this day of celebration: miscarriage, death of a child, death of her own mother. Tragic & heartbreaking these situations leave a woman sorrowful, longing for someone, fighting an inner battle to see the joy this day is meant to bring.…

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    Bring your darkness into the light.

    Stop. Don’t say it. If you speak, they will know. They will hate you. They will judge you. Hide it. Shove it down. Be ashamed.Feel dirty.You will never be good enough. Lies. These are ALL lies from the enemy. He wickedly desires that we not only hear these lies but allow them to seep into our souls, poisoning our hearts & minds, restricting our breath, & corroding the lock on the prison door. We all have one…. a memory, an act, something we regret or feel deeply ashamed of. It’s the “if anyone knew…” secret. Our secrets are all different yet have two things in common: they are all related…

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    Ding Dong the Witch is Dead

    Remember the scene from The Wizard of Oz where the house is in the middle of a twister? Winds rage, the foundation is shaken, cracked, all possessions are being tossed to & fro. Dorothy observes her greatest fears within the wind just before the house comes to a crashing halt landing in munchkin land. This is a clear depiction of the my life leading up to my wilderness season. Storm Warning Looking back I can now perceive the many warnings God presented but my “christian” to-do list deprived me of my sight & disabled my discernment. My structure was not standing upon a firm foundation, I was not at all…

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    My Cultivated Life

    Written: January 2018 My cultivated life, would be one deeply rooted in Jesus Christ, saturated by God’s truth & promises. My cultivated life looks like quiet time with the Lord each morning, devoted time to war room prayers; fighting the battle through prayer, petition & thanksgiving. My cultivated prayer life looks me praying on my knees for my husband, our marriage, each one of my beautiful babies, my family, my friends, my community, my church, my world, my government, the return of Christ. My cultivated life looks like journaling: prayer & gratitude. My cultivated life looks like me anticipating the return of Christ, being prepared, my lantern is full, fresh…

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    A Letter to My Body

    Written 12/13/2017 To My Body,  Today we took a shower. It has been less than 48 hours since I tortured you once again. Less than 3 years ago I violated you. I told you, you weren’t good enough while I looked at you with disgust. I had tried for years to make you different, like someone else. I dressed you uncomfortably & forced pads & underwires to increase where I felt you lacked. I misused you to feel loved. I exposed you for attention. Then I took it even further, I forced you to sleep & let another forcefully insert foreign objects into you thinking they would complete you, they…

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    A Letter to My Baby….

    Dear Baby, Hello, it’s your mother. I honestly question at times if I deserve to be called that. A mother is to protect, love, & raise up her child. The biggest mistake of my life; I failed you. When I realized I was pregnant I was shocked. I wondered about you, if you were really in there. I wasn’t in a healthy relationship, I honestly wasn’t healthy mentally or physically either. I was lost, down a dark lonely path, searching for love.  I was told I was pregnant by a nurse. I was told you were unwanted. I was told you would be denied. I was told how much you would cost.…