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    Ding Dong the Witch is Dead

    Remember the scene from The Wizard of Oz where the house is in the middle of a twister? Winds rage, the foundation is shaken, cracked, all possessions are being tossed to & fro. Dorothy observes her greatest fears within the wind just before the house comes to a crashing halt landing in munchkin land. This is a clear depiction of the my life leading up to my wilderness season. Storm Warning Looking back I can now perceive the many warnings God presented but my “christian” to-do list deprived me of my sight & disabled my discernment. My structure was not standing upon a firm foundation, I was not at all…

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    Desolate Wilderness: Part III

    “I can see the ivy, growing through the wall; ‘Cause you will stop at nothing to heal my broken soul.” Kari Jobe, “The Garden” Healing is a difficult process. I would love to tell you that once I had explanted my breast implants that I was miraculously healed (it definitely would have felt better at the time) but the fact that I wasn’t created an even larger miracle that I can share & warrants even greater glory to God! Physical symptoms began to disappear immediately as I previously shared through photos, but, deeper issues remained. A pit; mentally I was in a deep cavernous pit. Anxiety had consumed me. For…

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    Desolate Wilderness: Part II

    17.5 Million This is how many plastic surgeries took place in 2017 according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Of the 17.5 million 300,378 were breast augmentation, 246,354 liposuction, 218,924 nose reconstruction, & 129,753 tummy tucks. I don’t think the message could be any more clear, that we are completely unhappy & dissatisfied with how we look physically. Through magazines, media, & more we are bombarded with what “beautiful” looks like. Beauty through societies eyes is defined exclusively to physical features. Every where we look men & women’s eyes are exposed to scantily clad women (& occasionally men) & products that are too aide us in our endless pursuit…

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    Desolate Wilderness: Part I

    You know the term late bloomer, well, I was more of a “never” bloomer. I always felt self-conscious about the lack of chest size, I would even wear a padded bra under my sports bra when I played soccer so I wouldn’t look so flat. Most of us can think of something right off the bat that we dislike, or would change, about ourselves. Breast augmentation was something I joked about often. As I was pregnant with each of our 3 children I would marvel through the pain of milk production because for a short time I had size C breast. After delivery I would deflate right back into reality.…